1. I bet she farts at frequencies that are lower than the human ear can detect.

  2. cookie dough

    Twin butts! With Kelly Brook’s they would have been triplets!!

  3. I like big ass women, but she’s into lard ass territory. (mooo!)

    • Kojak

      I know what you are saying, women with large hips, like Jessica Biel, J Love Hewitt, Alexis Bledel…
      Not bovines…

  4. Her Butt jumped the shark into ‘Sloppy’ territory

  5. Matt Lauer

    If you can see your ass without using a mirror or moving your head you MIGHT have a fat ass.

  6. With an ass that large you’d think she’d have epic camel toe.


  8. Bigalkie


  9. WhiskeyDust

    Does she need a limo and concierge for each cheek?

  10. DeucePickle

    Kanye wore them better

    • karlito

      just think about…she sits on Kayne West’s fugly chipmunk face with that fat, ugly, wrinkley, cellulite infested, smelly ass. i don’t know how this cow and her disgusting family ever became famous? the world is really fucked up for this bitch to be rich and famous.

  11. alex

    That thing is so dense its got its own gravitational pull.

  12. It’s like one of those clown house mirrors, only this time, gravity is causing the bending.

  13. Got damn this is awful.

  14. Johnny P!

    No comment.

  15. Cock Dr


  16. kimmykimkim


  17. anonymous

    Ass so big it’s staring at itself in the mirror and thinking “Damn I’m fat!”

  18. Lala

    EWwww, that really is NOT attractive!! …No!

  19. Sheppy

    Holy crap there’s a whole lot of all sorts of ass going on there…

  20. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    Things were going along just fine today, and then I saw that! Now it’s going to be a four bottle night, just to get that out of my mind.

    Five bottles…..

  21. adult diapers

    holy crap, she crapped herself

  22. Amazed

    And Kanye spends all day thinking about motorboating that ass crack…

  23. diego

    Coming to theaters this August, it’s “Cellulite 3D: Back for Black”

  24. RobN

    Didn’t NASA just land a rover on this thing?

  25. Moooooo muthaf*cka mooooooooo!

    Fucking gross.

  26. SOB

    Yoga pants make most asses look great, not hers.

  27. Paulie McGonagle

    Strap it back down before it gets away !

  28. Kanye’s dick must be a foot and a half long to get past that thing, or he uses a jackpost to keep the cheeks spread. Likely both.

  29. CranAppleSnapple

    Funhouse nightmare.

  30. Alexis


  31. vgrly


  32. suck it


  33. Urvag

    Ah yes….never a good sign when your ass swallows your pants.

  34. goodlord

    Too bad she didn’t photoshop that huge crater out of her left cheek. I knew there had to be something lumpy on that fat ass! She thinks she can fool us with that smooth photoshopped skin, she missed this one!

  35. Queef Sister

    I swear to god it looks like a horse standing on its back legs! and MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  36. Billebuoy

    This totally explains Brigitte Neilson’s actions in the park now.

  37. CuriousTroll

    You think with all that money she could fix that shit. Why does she need to flaunt it? It looks like a black garbage bag full of cottage cheese! ;)

  38. JennywithaY

    Her ass looks as though it can’t stand to look at itself in the mirror.

  39. spartacus


  40. LadyLynna

    I guess this is why Jennifer Love Hewitt cropped her picture. If only the Kardashians would be so courteous.

  41. Pine Table Fever

    Too much pants, not enough yoga.

  42. MZ/X

    Warning! Even looking at the mirror reflection of her ass can turn you to stone!

  43. noni

    are those extensions showing on her head? and it looks like a diaper full of poo.

  44. bob the builder

    i wanna stick my head in that ass

  45. Oz Matters

    Normally you replace a mirror when it has such a huge crack in it.

  46. Even her tights have cottage cheese!

  47. mark

    Not flattering. Looks like her Chewbacca-esque sister from behind. Tighten it up, Kim.

  48. Jen

    That’s no moon…

  49. Lakota Nation

    I think KK’s ass looks delicious.

  50. Salad Face

    Does her mental projection of her butt still look like that in the Matrix?

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