1. He better be careful, or someone is really going to take his lunch money.

  2. Bigalkie

    Nice backpack! Does it have a Ninja Turtle shell?

  3. Is he two-strappin’?

  4. even in womens’ wear, he’s still gorgeous!

  5. Raoul

    Holy tiny hands!

  6. Nice to see he changed out of his Eazy-E shirt.

  7. MyCoworkerIsHot

    Now that’s a fine ass man

  8. lily

    Over rated, never understood his appeal…long ass nicholas cage looking face and average body.

    • FanGirl

      I agree with you!!!!!!!!!! he’s ugly and a shitty actor. He ruins all films.

      Oh and I hate the fucking notebook
      it sucksssssssssss

  9. JennywithaY

    My five year old daughter has that same outfit!

  10. Swearin

    Seen here on his way to the set of the Gay Jailhouse Rock music video

  11. EricLr

    Why does he always looked stoned and vaguely lost?

  12. Jade

    Still looking good dressed like a frat boy is a damn accomplishment in my opinion.

  13. lori

    Um, you may have been able to carry that off when you were 12, 15 at the latest.

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