1. Dick Hell

    Please let that be the chihuahua’s tongue.

  2. She gets a pass, she’s awesome.

  3. I never seen someone French kiss a dog before.

  4. Johnny P!

    That’s one way to clean your dentures, I suppose…

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    A dog and a pensioner fighting over a slice of salami. You had your chance Obama!

  6. Rich people don’t use Kleenex.

  7. I had heard about the banned Golden Girls episodes, but I never had any real reason to believe the rumors…until now.

  8. moo

    yo quiero sabor de la muerte

  9. When did they start using Chihuahuas as cadaver dogs?

  10. I bet that poor thing has to clean out her vagina too, at her age you’ll need a bit of help to get between the flaps.

  11. Emma Watson's Vagina

    well at her age that is the reincarnation of her first husband.

  12. hmm

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  13. Neo

    Peanut butter flavored Effordent is pretty hard to resist.

  14. contusion

    This is how I imagine any kiss from Betty White to be like.

  15. rican

    Dog: “Quiero Taco Viejo”

  16. MZ/X

    I like her but she’s officially off my “to do” list.

  17. tidbit

    Didn’t anyone remind the dog that’s the same tongue she licks her ass with?

  18. EricLr

    Yo quiero mercy killing.

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