1. CK

    Step on some glass, hippie.

  2. Bigalkie


  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    People say it was deep green and sludgy. Reports are coming in of a shake measuring 7.0 on the hipster scale.

  4. I respect anyone willing to rock ‘apocalypse’ as a style.

  5. Cock Dr

    Cry for attention…ok Russ, you got it.
    It is duly noted that once again you look like a total trainwrecked asshole.

  6. Where’s a rusty nail when you need one?

  7. kimmykimkim

    Filthy fuck.

  8. which assistant was on tassle detail? needs more tassle.

  9. Johnny P!

    I’ll bet he bites his toenails…

    • anonymous

      I bet the blowjobs he gives are to get the taste of that green crap he’s drinking out of his mouth.

  10. Two-fisted drinking: you’re doing it wrong.

  11. it had to be said

    I hope for LA’s sake that that’s the ugliest woman in LA.

  12. Amazed

    Walking thrift store…

  13. “…just going to break for a little wheat grass and iced coffee…then it’s back to lining up cans along the sidewalk”

  14. Where’s a dirty syringe when you need one?

  15. Alexis

    I don’t care. Yes he is unkempt and even filthy looking. Yes, he looks as if he sleeps in the streets and bangs the homeless. Alas, there is also something about him that is also very sexy. There was something about him that appealed to Katie Perry. Deal with it.

  16. The homeless hipster Jesus shit is getting real old, real fast.

  17. It’s a lot harder for your PR team to credibly insist your still a ‘recovered’ drug addict when you go on coffee runs with your left vein still tied off. Just saying.

  18. MZ/X

    Whatever Katy Perry did in her life so far she can always look back at dumping this guy with pride.

  19. nando

    On the set of PREDATOR’S RESURRECTION, Russell Brand relaxes by playing kick the can.

  20. Shittiest brand ever.

  21. EricLr

    He’s the real life version of that quirky movie character that seems so fun in the movie, but who would be annoying as fuck in real life.

  22. catapostrophe

    I think his outfit is really cool-looking. In other words, I thoroughly dislike it.

  23. rstak

    I thought this was Lenny Kravitz.

  24. Hugh Jazz

    Russell Brand has become a parody of his own parody.

  25. One of those isn’t going into his body via his mouth

  26. FattyMcGee

    The fact that gorgeous women fall over themselves to bang this guy means that there is hope for all of us. If we all had a ton of cash and fame for some unknowing reason.

  27. lori

    Another one like Johnny Depp who will be forever stuck in an era that passed him by two decades ago.

  28. Andie

    I hate the way he dresses. Just too douchey.

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