1. A Fergie – LaToya Jackson Mash-up

  2. is she Fergie or Fuglie?

  3. Much to the chagrin of the female meerkat, the male meerkat (see photo), has not been the same since first contact with western anthropologists who came bearing name brand gifts and stories of tucking.

  4. Bigalkie

    Fuglie is really a man. Not pictured: George Michaels walking out of the bushes.

  5. This picture is missing Will.i.am dressed as a panda.

  6. kimmykimkim

    It’s melting.

  7. rantatonne

    Some thought Hilary Clinton should avoid Uganda on her her African tour, but look, Kony didn’t get her and the little Ebola that helped her shed a few pounds.

  8. ksmack

    God, the outfit isn’t supposed to be one gigantic fucking accessory.
    She done not have a subtle option in her wardrobe…bleh!

  9. it had to be said

    Walk of shame.

  10. j/k

    Do they have neck-lifts? Cause she needs one.

  11. Urvag

    Not pictured: cracker jack box where she got that outfit from.

  12. Grace

    who let grandma dress herself again?

  13. I swear this woman has a different face everyday.

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    She keeps them in a jar by the door… What is it for?

  15. lily

    dear god she looks as old as my grandmother

  16. Damn, that outfit clashes! I still love her, though. Why does her face look so weird in this pic??? So many questions.

  17. EricLr

    Try new Halvsies candy! Class on top, trash on the bottom.

  18. catapostrophe

    That was almost a nice photo of some bamboo.

  19. lori

    Overrated crappy music. Herky-jerky dance moves, non-sensical, repetitive lyrics. America just eats that up. Until they get older, that is.

  20. Quit your job, it's killing you

    Damn. Thought that shit was Goldie Hawn at first.

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