1. George Michael has a new protege

  2. Batu Khan

    Looks like a pissed 3 year old because someone took his favorite coloring book.

  3. More Sir Please!

    Joe’s next performance will be at the Highway 95 rest stop men’s room. Zingah!

  4. Is he from Barbados, too?

  5. Is that the new SquirtyMic5000?

  6. cc

    I wanna be Drake, I wanna be Drake…

  7. Invisible Usher behind him?

  8. “I want you! To show me the way.”

  9. I keep seeing in the caption that these guys are “performing” places. Who is paying to go see them? Seriously.

  10. Natty Ice

    Wow. I didn’t realize Kim Kardashian’s finishing school was co-ed.

  11. Johnny99

    In every photo of a microphone stand, there’s a Jonas brother in the background saying it all with his eyes. And his mouth.

  12. “Ladies. You take the penis and open your mouth like this. Then fit as much of it as you could into your mouth. No teeth! Unless he’s into that. My guy’s into that.”

  13. It must have taken him weeks to grow that 2 day stubble.

  14. Hmmm. What kind of joke can I come up with about his mouth being open like that?

  15. Bonnie Parker

    Ass kinda cocked and his mouth open for business. He probably learned how to assume this position before he could walk.

  16. “ooooooh….. Kelly Clarkson!”

  17. I make that same face when I “perform” as well… after taco night.

  18. Whoever picked “Halfway down the mic stand” in the “Where does Joe’s gag reflex kick in?” pool is about to become $100 richer.

  19. That’s about right.

  20. open wide and insert dick………………

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