1. Painter by day, A-list celebrity by night.

  2. Part of the event crew.

  3. Still not cool, send him back to the homeless shelter now.

  4. JC

    “Alice Cooper has to use make up to get this look. I’m all natural!”

  5. cc

    That shirt = six months savings

    • dontkillthemessenger

      Do you mean 6 months back when he was making money or 6 months now collecting change by the bus stop?

  6. EricLR

    Normally, I bring my sax to these things. But it’s in the pawn shop right now.

  7. anonymous

    LOL I remember when he was brought in to replace Johnny Depp. Now he looks like his dad.

  8. It must be depressing as shit to attend the premier of a movie so bad that Tara Reid was in it…and you’re still unemployed

  9. Obviously he thought they needed someone to paint the carpet red.

  10. donkeylicks

    Obviously someone opened the arc of the covenant without realizing their face would melt off.

  11. “Sharknado” couldn’t even bring out the D-listers. Apparently, it did, however, bring out the Just Crawed Out From Under a Rock-Listers.

  12. crb

    Ok class, what does Danny Aiello + Ray Liotta + Johnny Depp + Cocaine equal?

  13. Nothing worse than an Old Man who won’t Grow Up

  14. Cock Dr

    It’s as if someone unexpectedly swung by his house and said “Hey, I’ve got a couple extra tickets to this silly Sharknado thing that’s just about to start….wanna come?”. Mr Grieco paused his painting project and climbed down off the ladder.
    Note that he took the time to change into his best black shirt for the occasion.

  15. If Criss Angel and Gene Simmons had a love child…

  16. Here Grieco! The answer to the question that no one was asking.

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