1. EricLR

    Did she play the shark?

  2. Emma Watson's vagina

    she looks very good here. even her breasts almost look symmetrical

  3. FriskyBiscuit

    I think we’ve got our Joker for the next Batman movie.

  4. caley

    Off-camera: a man holds out a carrot.


  6. “Excuse me ma’am but there’s some shit on your teeth.”

  7. Batu Khan

    So Photo Boy does caricatures now?

  8. cc

    So, is this the third pic in a row she hasn’t looked dreadful or do I need new glasses?

  9. Odbarc


  10. I watched that whole Sharknado movie – it was so bad, it was good. Tara Reid on the other hand, was so bad it was painful to watch her scenes. I looked forward to what I thought would be her inevitable turn being mauled by the sharks. I was severely disappointed.

  11. Her teeth are so big, she can’t close her mouth.

  12. She actually looks good. And happy. Good for her.

  13. Jason

    She’s looking surprisingly healthy these days. Sure, we had fun bashing her when she was an alcoholic skank and perhaps she’s still exactly that. But she actually looks good(ish) here.

  14. “Oh, the Fishers did an excellent job with Tar – what? She’s alive? Fuck!!”

  15. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember the last time I saw her smile like this.

  16. RubberBandMan

    The Joker had a wife??????

  17. crappy hair, big smile, same old BJ (gift) necklace. good on ‘er.

  18. She looks doable to the point that you might admit you banged her. Well done Tara?

  19. I guess no one told her she ain’t gonna be in ‘Sharknado 2.’

  20. gumbypokey

    does that neck ever stop?

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