1. EricLR

    Yeah, you were right, it DOES taste like maple syrup!

  2. Batu Khan

    When did Bieber join the Lollipop Guild? And why did they accept him?!

  3. caley

    So, is he dressing like Corey Feldman? Or is Corey Feldman dressing like him?

  4. cc


  5. Will someone PLEASE burn those fucking pants of his that look like “full” diapers. How retarded, Jesus.

  6. Yeah. There is NO truth to the myth that a man’s feet are equivalent to the size of his johnson. How disappointing.

  7. That stage set looks like a local production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  8. “Alone you created a douche! Now, together we will create his mate!”.

  9. I blame teenaged girls for creating this monster. As a matter of fact, teenaged girls are responsible for many of the assholes that have plagued our lives for decades. From NKOTB to the Jonas Brothers to this cunt.

    What the fuck is wrong with them?

    • Bonnie Parker

      Naive girls aren’t behind these boy bands. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of “the man” in another attempt to keep a brotha down by saturating unsuspecting brains with horrible so called “music” full of subliminal innuendo and lies.Nah,I’m just goofin’ with ya. I LOVE the BSB!

  10. Odbarc

    He looks like Michael Jackson from that angle… right before he died.

  11. Marty McFly nearly got his ass kicked for wearing shoes like that.

  12. It’s like he’s turned Gwyneth’s rectum and Rihanna’s vagina into a single pair of pants. So tight, and yet somehow still so loose …

  13. “Uhhh, I can’t sit all the way up here and be able to give you a blow job, Justin. Are you sure you’ve gotten one before?”

  14. HooHa

    If I were a young man, especially one trying to be a “thug”, and I had unfortunate skinny girlish stick legs, I would not keep those leggings (I don’t even need to mention the full diaper look of stupidity) in my wardrobe rotation. Why? Just…why?

  15. Jentilly

    Why is he wearing a wetsuit and flippers? I’m confused

  16. anonym

    pull your fucking pants up

  17. “It’s so small, uh, what do you expect me to do with this?”

  18. gridmnky

    “It’s no mop bucket, but it’ll do.”

  19. zella

    who dresses him?

  20. To the person who made those shoes, ” Some Muther Fucker bought a pair of my shoes I made up while stoned? Bahahahaha!”

  21. AWOL

    OK, I’ll show you how we play “Doctor Usher”.

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