1. EricLR

    “Hey David, when are you going to show me your home?”

    “Uh, well…I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that….”

  2. He was amazing in Willow.

  3. She looks like she is taking her 10 year old son out for a walk.

  4. cc

    What’s the difference between a fucking twerp and a fucking twerp with money?

    This chick.

  5. So she’s about 5’1″??

  6. I wonder how fast she’d run if she knew he bought those groceries with food stamps.

  7. Bud’s still got it.

  8. “Okay, Photoboy, we got eight bucks. Who’s left?”
    “David Faustino?”
    “Perfect… We got six-fifty.”

  9. It looks like a ripped her shirt trying to climb up to her mouth.

  10. MaClampett

    “Whitey sale! Whitey sale! 2 gets you 3, 4 gets you 5…”

  11. I call bullshit. That’s Charlie Sheen’s ex, with one of their sons. That’s cute that she lets him push the cart.

  12. awk

    “I wanta push the cart!!!!!”

  13. The caption should read, “David Faustino, his girlfriend, and all his worldly possessions in West Hollywood.”

  14. He’s awesome as a voice actor on The Legend of Korra. Also, tiny.

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