1. wash your hands, son.

  2. EricLR

    The lady on the left isn’t a fan, she’s a cop.

  3. I call shenanigans, isn’t this the same kid that was running in that marathon with the Marine last week?

  4. cc

    Hmmmm, that lady has TWO cell phones…does that not arouse suspicion?

  5. Hey there kid, wanna see a one-eared elephant?

  6. Probably the ONLY one on the planet that doesn’t know about him sexting.

  7. Congrats, kid. You just bought yourself 6 years of “touching a Weiner” jokes.

  8. hurr durr

    Just touch it please. Just once.

  9. “Huhuhhuh. You’re name is ‘Weiner’… Like a hot dog.”

  10. Wanna see my weiner, kid? Everybody else has.

  11. JungleRed

    If only prepubescent boys could vote.

  12. the old man

    Notice that Mom is a split-second too late with the “not that hand” warning.

  13. Cock Dr

    Take your best shots now because Mr Weiner won’t be campaigning for office very much longer.

  14. “You’re pimp hand is strong, mister.”
    “No, my pimp’s pimp hand is strong. Meet my pimp, Mr. Brown, right here to my left. But don’t ask to peep his cell phone, lest you get that pimp hand across your pretty little face.”

  15. “Mr Weiner, where are you pulling my hand to?”

  16. caley

    Kid: “That’s what I saw. Right there! He sent me a picture of that!”
    Weiner: “Oh man, are you Lego38…I coulda sworn that was chick!”

  17. Ronaldo

    He is down to visiting voters at their homes? oh my!
    Its over.

  18. awk

    “Tell me-does my cock look big in these pan . . .Nope. Not the same. It has to be texts, and he/she has to be wearing high heels.”

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