1. You wouldn’t know it to look at them but Sailor is actually only 5 years old….
    Christie has been draining her of youth for years now.

  2. I’d hit it.

    Oh, come on now, the *daughter* people!

  3. This is the kid Christie had with the guy she married because he told her he was really really rich, but apparently he lied and he was only really rich, and so she divorced him and whined a couple of years because there wasn’t much alimony or child support. I just love Hollywood love stories.

    • EricLR

      Every Hollywood fairy tale begins with:

      Once upon a time, there was a narcissistic princess who wanted everlasting fame, and a rich prince who also produced…

  4. How old is she, because it looks like she’s already had at least one nosejob. Probably will have two more, too.

  5. Her daughter disturbingly looks a lot like Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

  6. Christie Brinkley is still one hot piece of ass.

  7. Thank god she had kids with someone besides Billy Joel.

  8. You named your kid “Sailor”? Her middle name better be “Moon” or else, what’s the point?

  9. Jentilly

    Wow her other daughter must hate her little sister

  10. fucking Christy has been rebuilt. perhaps from legos?

  11. Bonnie Parker

    Thank God she’s not Billy Joel’s kid. The world can’t take any more of those.The universe is not your friend when Christie Brinkley’s your mother and you grow up looking like Billy Joel in drag.Hooray plastic surgery.

  12. LLBL

    I’d like to introduce Sailor to my seamen.

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