1. EricLR

    Hipster white trash is much lower in the food chain than the real thing.

  2. caley

    Coming soon, another biopic “kUTCHER: Portrait of a Douche.”

  3. Pssst, the trucker hats have not been in style for about a decade now James.

  4. cc

    Does he have River Blindness?

  5. Batu Khan

    Must be for a movie. No one in real life gets so many stereotypical cliches right at once.

  6. “Like the look? Kutcher gets all KINDS of trim with it.”

  7. Professor X: The Douchebag years

  8. He’s really cute normally.

    This makes me sad.

  9. Bonnie Parker

    When’s the “Jim Dirt” release date?

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