1. EricLR

    The most degrading thing those poor hookers have ever done.

  2. Nicely done on the caption, Photo boy…

  3. He lives among the creatures of the night

  4. caley

    Coming soon, another biopic: “Miniature Gene Simmons.”

  5. Those are actually some good looking hookers. Vegas level.

    • Pickle Nose

      Agreed. Up until now he was quickly moving towards Divine Brown on the hooker spectrum, but it looks like he got bumped up to Vegas-style. The check for the VH1 special on the two Corey’s must have finally cleared.

      • no. damn it. how many times do I have to clear this up? HE IS an actual pimp. Perhaps a kind, gentle one. He lives OFF of these girls. Maybe a weird pay scale…. tabloid pic = full pay?

  6. You never let your frequent hooker miles expire.

  7. Matt

    Being raped by Michael Jackson really does have life long consequences.

  8. Cuddles

    I think it’s safe to assume that the name Corey should be retired. It’s practically inviting creepy celebrity types to rape your child over and over again.

  9. I want his hooker hookup. Dude gets great buy one get one deals.

  10. cc

    Each girl is thinking ‘Eyes on the prize, med school tuition!’

  11. Which one actually looks more cheap and degrading?

  12. I don’t doubt that these are actual hookers, but I’m rethinking my no-hooker policy at this moment.

  13. Batu Khan

    The one on the left is hot. That reserved hot with a hint of “This is disgusting but I have to work out my daddy issues somehow.”

  14. bodhaiii

    How the f*ck does this guy even have money? Drug dealing? How could anyone take him seriously enough to buy from after watching “Lost Boys”?

  15. Obviously on his way to the “Sharknado” premiere.

  16. Wow. Those girls are hot! Good job, Corey.

  17. srsly does anyone actually believe
    1. these 2 girls DIDNT get paid cash in advance and that
    2. cory DID have sex with anyone other than himself that night?

  18. Jentilly

    It’s pretty sad that he’s blowing through his Goonies money on cheap hookers

  19. Don Draper's Dad

    So long as Spielberg keeps the Goonies residuals coming …

  20. Ronaldo

    he never disappoints

  21. Hugh Jazz

    Russian Hooker #1: “You take us to see Charlie Sheen now?”
    Corey: “Sure, babe, sure (sniff) let’s just stop at my place real quick.”
    Russian Hooker #2: “Maybe the John Cryer be there as well?”
    Corey: “Sure, baby, whatever (sniff).”

  22. Hey Corey, the 80′s called and … LOL, no, no, no, we all know your phone hasn’t rung in 20 years.

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