1. EricLR

    I bet he’s never dated someone who had to constantly remind herself to breathe before.

  2. I think the fat hanging out over the boot says it all too well.

  3. Batu Khan

    Pretty Woman she isn’t but she’s dressed for the part.

  4. cc

    Pretty sure she left out underwear…

  5. Stuffed sausage. What was also omitted was that they just came from church. Yes, she wore this street walker outfit to church.

  6. Honey. You are supposed to brush your hair AFTER sex.

  7. Cock Dr

    If her clothes and boots were any tighter she’s be at risk for gangrene.

  8. everything is a half size too small, including her active brainwaves.

  9. It’s like a Mormon couple on their honeymoon.

  10. she’s so empty inside….she could use my tongue in there, preferably inserted thru her butthole.

  11. hihedoho

    Poor thing, all the rag mag’s were touting how skinny she was a couple months ago….guess it was just airbrushing and now spans. He looks like a young jason tradwell

  12. After he teaches Britney how to cross the street, she can teach it to her kids.

  13. “Britney, if you won’t wear a bra, would you at least wear this skirt that props your breasts up?”
    “Kin I wear mah tall boots, too?”
    “Of course.”

  14. I bet her thigh smells like a brand new Nerf football.

  15. cube gleamer

    Hot. Mess.

  16. Jentilly

    Aw poor Britney

  17. too toight clothes, uncombed hair, brainless boyfriend, ooh ooh!! PREGNANT! just ask Fish.

  18. Jenn

    I haven’t missed those cool kids from Dawson’s Creek, or their hip threads as much as I thought. Except Pacey..Pacey is always welcome with or without his threads.

  19. John Cocktosen

    Her knees have muffin tops? Brutal.

  20. I think he’s taking her to Corey Feldman.

  21. omg you have so much money! get a stylist!

  22. Pepper's Pot

    why… why does she always dress like she buys her shit from the walmart sale bin???

  23. gary coleman's ghost

    I smell c-r-a-z-y … again.

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