1. caley

    Caan: “You still would.”
    Lawson: “I know”

  2. “……let me tell you how this whole “casting” thing works..”
    “James…I’m already working with you.”
    “…oh. right.”

  3. cc

    ‘Hey, how about your knob and mine getting together, Maggie?’

  4. “Is that a turd on top of your head?”

  5. I’m with you Jimmy, I have no idea who she is either.

  6. “Let go of my penis.”

    “You first.”

  7. Maggie Lawson has just been sexually assaulted by James Caan and he didn’t even have to touch her.

  8. Mista Snazzy

    Maggie: “What the hell did you say about my momma fool?”
    James: “Ahh, I uhh, gotta go potty!!”"

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