1. Waaayyyyyy too many closets in this picture.

  2. Maybe it’s me, but isnt at least one of his handlers supposed to point out that his toupee is brown, and his real hair is black?

  3. What a couple of quee … Ow! What the hell was that? It felt like somebody rapped my knuckles.

  4. cc

    I’ll just call this pic the anti-boner and move on…

  5. What are a couple of celebs that won’t admit they are gay for $500 Alex?

  6. EricLR

    Two queens

  7. Cock Dr

    Just come on out already.

  8. I thought Latifah already came out. No?

  9. Matt

    These two are perfect together. I’m sure she’s not opposed to using a strap-on.

  10. QL: “Honey, you’re going to have to squeeze in a lot tighter to close your arms around ME!”

    JT: “I’ve already vomited in my mouth a little.”

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    To be fair, John always liked them big, black, and nearly impossible to get his arms around.

  12. I like her fake hair better.

  13. They both look extremely uncomfortable.

  14. “No, no, John! That’s her NAME.”

  15. They both know a secret about each other that they think the public doesn’t know.

  16. Few women let straight men hug like this, it would be creepy. If ever there was a sign of not-so-hidden closetdom ..

  17. One of these two people has gotten a LOT of pussy. The other is John Travolta.

  18. Jentilly

    Is, is that an eyebrow on his chin??

  19. cool trivia question: whose face currently contains the largest percentage of their original skin? I’m not sure, but I might go Travolta.

  20. John’s smile slowly dissipates as he is told this is not Ving Rhames reprising his role as “Holiday Heart.’

  21. Bonnie Parker

    Calm down Barbarino. If you’re thinking about feeling around for dick, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  22. lawn

    Oh look, a couple of quee*s.

  23. Hank E. Ring

    One of them likes Men, one of them like Women.

  24. Whoa! That’s the same sizzling sexual chemistry he brings to his pictures with Kelly Preston!

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