1. cc

    So who looks more incongruous, Boris or the tiny woman?

  2. They gave the fat one a 20 minute head start.

  3. Ride London…soon followed by Aneurism London.

  4. Boris Johnson has won exactly as many Tour de France’s as Lance Armstrong. Sal-loot!

  5. crb

    Debbie Downer in the red there is still busy keeping spirits high, reminding the team how many cycling related deaths, disfigurements and permanent disabilities are caused in London and the UK each year.

    :sad trombone::

  6. I guess no fat bottomed girls were riding today.

  7. Keep pedaling Boris. No one needs to know your seat disappeared into your ass the moment you mounted that bike.

  8. AllIKnowILearnedFromJezza

    In a twist, he was knocked off his bike by a bendy-bus.

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