1. I see two people in that pic with girlfriends on Tracers.

  2. Batu Khan

    For goodness sake Marie come up with a name we can remember for the google search.

  3. How convenient that his “girlfriend” also happens to be in the movie with him. I see someone learned something from Twilight.

  4. cc

    What’s the difference between an imbecile and an imbecile with money?

    Marie Avgeropoulos

  5. She looks like Selena Gomez

  6. That’s not Maria Averageopoluos. That’s Kendall Jenner making a break from the Kardashian compound. Someone get the tranq gun.

  7. Bonnie Parker

    It really is great that we live at a time when a girl with a sloth hand can date a semi-attractive,homosexual doofus and barely be criticized for having a sloth hand,

  8. awk

    “Hold still. My manager told me I need to post more pics of boobs.”

  9. Brentkilledaguy

    She looks like him from Twilight with sunglasses and a shirt.

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