1. Batu Khan

    Mind the gap.

  2. cc

    ‘Here’s to swimmin’….’

    You know the rest.

  3. Cuddles

    I don’t know the sound a camel makes but I imagine it’s very wet.

  4. Cock Dr

    Some women come with built in shock absorbing padding…..that’s a comfort model mons.

  5. anonymous

    Why is she pulling her pants up to her belly button? She the complete opposite of Justin.

  6. “What? I thought everyone had the same vagina as Barbie.”

  7. That looks delicious.

  8. Bonnie Parker

    Is the opposite of camel toe camel hump in cases of huge muffin mound like hers?

  9. Mike

    Is she getting fat, or is it that she’s wearing far too many clothes giving off the illusion.

  10. Robb7

    Yeah, that pussy glows in the dark. Good feature for the confused young bucks just starting out.

  11. Pepper's Pot

    you know, ive hated a bunch of celebs… but no one, ever, has irked me as much as this fucking waste of life right here. this “man” right here is the single most irritating, obnoxious, makes me want to punch a baby, human i have ever had the misfortune of reading about

  12. Pepper's Pot

    ah shit. this was suppose to be for the beib post. i hate u fish.

  13. Lily

    Thank God she’s wearing a cup.

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