“Yes, my queen”

  2. joe

    Don’t drink and vajazzle.

  3. Cock Dr

    She will swig rum and pantomime rear entry sex with most of the island’s men.
    You can’t complain about her being all uptight and snooty with the great unwashed masses.

  4. cc

    That’s about as refined as she gets.

  5. She is all class, isn’t she?

  6. I take back anything negative I’ve ever said about her

  7. More Sir Please!

    You can’t buy that for a dollar! Actually, you could, but you would have to beat the shit out of it first.

  8. This pic looks a lot like something from a Bang Bros DVD cover.

  9. And here she is trying on her custom-made stripper outfit.

  10. EricLR

    Because being a whore is classy if you call it “burlesque”.

  11. Where's Dildo

    “God this sore itches. But it shines bright because of this diamond…” *inspiration for the song ‘Diamonds’*

  12. “Like a diamond in my…”

  13. What you described is just a typical Carnival season in most Caribbean countries, Fish.

  14. Ben Dover


  15. YadaYada

    Okay, that’s just plain hot. I’ve been on the fence about her, but this should end all debate. Jesus.

  16. schmidtler

    She likes to get shitfaced drunk, run around in public half naked, and butt sex entire islands while being filmed – we hate her why now?

  17. Instagram…. Bringing 1970s homemade polaroid porn into the 21st century.

  18. She really should get that boob sweat stain looked at. It can’t be hygienic.

  19. It’s kind of sad…a lot of her self worth seems to be tied up in the attention she gets from looking slutty. I bet if we dug into her past, we’d find some daddy issues.

  20. The Pope

    The last time I saw a look like that, Simba lost his virginity.

  21. she’s a very fancy girl.

  22. Jenn

    How many of those beads are shoved in that belly button of hers? I refuse to guess about beads in any of her other orifices.

  23. richie

    I don’t like how they cropped Jabba the Hutt and the chain out of this photo.

  24. Vladimir

    Can we just skip to the part where she’s 27 and dies in a plane crash or ODs? Geez…

  25. mark

    Dirty dirty dirty girl.

  26. I’d love to be on my knees in front of her right now.

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