1. “Come on, Mischa! What do I have to do, die for it?”

  2. A. “Some days, Marjorie, i wish that damn beheading was REAL!!”

    B. “No one simply strolls into JFK!”

    C. “Next time we pay for the goddamn Early Bird Check-In!”

  3. “Brace yourself… M&M’s are coming!”

  4. “One… does… not… simply…”

  5. What is this, a crossover of Game of Thrones & The Walking Dead? The Walking Game of Dead Thrones!

  6. “I am coming.”

  7. cc

    Look, I can explain why I have a fire extinguisher in my ass.

  8. That’s how I feel by the time I get through security and Customs, too.

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