1. Give Tara Reid a mothafuckin comeback award. Her age caught up with her bad surgery, and now she’s just looking decent and tons of people are watching the horrible shit she is in. She is a winner.

  2. “Show him your teeth, lot 432. Good girl.”

  3. fred

    Looks like the good bishop just found his new bottom bitch.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    The look of a woman that knows she’s the punchline to a joke she doesn’t get.

  5. “Damn, Tara Reid is still ALIVE??”

  6. Marketing Mike

    If you can overlook the drool, the glassy eyes,
    and fuck her fully dressed, she has potential.

  7. That is the face of a girl who just realized she is in the wrong neighborhood.

  8. NOPE

    hey remember these people from the 90′s?

  9. Thanks, dude. By standing next to Tara Reid, you made her actually look good.

  10. So, strictly A-list?

  11. “I bought it at a pawn shop in Vegas for $250. It’s genuine secondhand Madame Tussaud stock and it’s called ‘Miscellaneous 90′s Blonde.”

  12. #$&%@!

    Damn nigga, you right! With these spectral filtering goggles and this magic hat, Tara Reid be looking fine!

  13. Tara is one of those rare women who looks better clothed. Just keep her stomach covered and you’re all set.

  14. Physically she looks worse, but from time to time she seems to known what’s going on around her + she is actually in movies people see… So that’s 1:0 in the battle between Tara and Lindsy

  15. “This sweet brown-colored gentleman is going to let me stay at his house for as long as I want. It’s only a one-bedroom, but he’s agreed that he won’t make me sleep on the couch.”

  16. Jkh

    Green is for the money and gold is for the honey…

  17. i don’t think either one of these people have jobs.

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