1. She’s looking a lot less pretty and a lot more reckless.

  2. Michael

    Yikes, when did the cute blonde from “Pretty Little Liars” get a hungover Ke$ha look?

  3. Looks like her heroin chic has become actual heroin tweak

  4. Even the Teletubbies are getting the gritty reboot treatment.

  5. It’s pretty sad when the first thing I wonder about this pic is if her shirt is from

  6. Genghis Khanstein

    Couldn’t we have had the Salma Hayek photo AFTER this one?
    Why does she try to look like Courtney Love?

  7. That’s actually a little funny.

  8. As hot & slutty as she is, the fact that one eye is several inches higher than the other one just ruins it for me.

  9. When is she going to have the lady balls to show her tits? She’s been teasing for years and I suspect she’s going to be teasing for a long time to come. The kind of celebrity that only pretends to be edgy while never doing anything of the sort.

  10. Jackmac

    Do they also make a bag to put over her head with a face printed on it?

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