1. I keep reading her last name as “Torn”, and I would be a lying bastard if I said I don’t know why.

  2. buzz

    She knows Disney don’t last forever. She’ll be washing Michael Bay’s car for a movie role soon.

  3. Pickle Nose


  4. You’re never too young for a douchebag hat.

  5. Wow! I’ve already been damned to Hell, and I didn’t even post a comment. At least it’s a dry heat.

  6. cc

    Ah yes, fond memories of my first irrepressible boner.

  7. Here you go little boys….check out my snatch from underneath my 3 inch leather skirt.

  8. Short Round

    Must be great being a Disney executive. Entertain millions of families with great shows. Travel the world. Make millions of dollars. Steal young girls’ souls and turn them into porn sta… No wait! That’s bad. That’s bad.

  9. Maybe this lovely creature will stay a bit closer to the straight and narrow and not get as fucked up as so many of the other Disney Dolls.

  10. Good lord man! When will it be ok to comment on this girl?

    • I guess that just depends on what you have to say. In fact…FUCK THAT! You can comment on her any time you want. Starting now, if you so choose. (Fuckin’ pervert). I’m just kidding. Begin comments…NOW!

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