1. Thinking of you, Biebs….

  2. icu

    He looks like a border jumper!

  3. better enjoy those ‘VIP’ moments while you still can Chrissy.

  4. Looks more like the PRICK room to me.

  5. I wish Tom Hardy would just punch that guy.

  6. Hipster would only be amused if Shit Stain was spraying Pabst.

  7. What’s he trying to do, touch his nose?

  8. For a second, I thought he’d had his front teeth knocked out, and I got excited.

  9. Chris, show us what Rihanna’s teeth looked like after you beat the shit out of her!

  10. Swearin

    That guy next to him? His sobriety coach.

  11. So that’s the face he makes…

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