1. Art Crow

    He still fits on all the slides.

  2. Why do I feel like it’s wrong to write funny captions on Dinklage photos, but I have no problem commenting on this guy on the 1920′s carnival slide?

  3. “Thank you for helping me clean out my gutters, Mr. Davis.”

  4. Turd Ferguson

    Are we sure that he’s tall enough for that ride?

  5. “Well, we can’t put peanut butter in any of those celery sticks now, can we?!?”

  6. cc

    I always wanted to go on a 17th century roller coaster.

  7. buzz

    Better hope that’s a kevlar sack. The splinters from that wooden slide will be the size Khloe’s dildos to him.

  8. Leprechaun in da sack

  9. Lou Braccant

    For a guy that small, 5 miles an hour must feel like light speed!

  10. yu

    is that willow?

  11. “Dad?”

    ….said Vern Troyer.

  12. GANG WAY…out of the way…GANG WAY…move it or lose it…Peter Dinklage is right behind me and he’s here to kick my ass.”

  13. PassingTrue

    Plus, he can mail himself to most locations for less than $5.

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