1. “You know like, when your like, feet hurt, and you’re like in drag, and you have this like sudden urge to give the sun like, a blowjob? No? Oh.”

  2. Since there is absolutely nothing of interest in this pic, I suppose I’ll just comment on the sweet pops that chrome is giving me saying that there is a suspected phishing website somehow connected to thesuperficial. Awesome work.

  3. “Jesus, I don’t know how Shauna Sand does it…”

  4. Flatliner

    Nice to see that she doesn’t need fins when in the water.

  5. Oh yes. It’s been too long. Photo Boy needs to post a lot more of her.

  6. Harsky & Starch

    Ho’s feet don’t hurt. If yo feet hurt, you been on the stroll too long and not yo back enough. Bitch betta have my munny. – Don Magic Juan

  7. “Fer fuck sake, Jen. Your feet hurt because of those ridiculous shoes. I’ll massage your tootsies for you. Please step behind the screen and disrobe…”

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