1. fred

    Shit. Carrot Top has really fallen on hard times.

  2. that dude’s face looks jacked up.

  3. Is she wearing wax red lips? and a wax face too?

  4. Oh hey! Joe Perry is looking for you.

  5. Why does her left leg have two knees?

  6. The new “Action Series” from Madame Tussaud’s is getting some really bad reviews.

  7. That’s a lot of lady lumps.

  8. Did she get new tits? and new lips? and an old busted face?

  9. He isn’t fooling anyone with that outfit

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Did Hank Baskett give her the handjob or the other way around?

  11. Her body is fucking tight.

  12. I like her. She looks like she’d be fun to skinny dip with and then to naked wrestle with.

  13. Natty Ice

    I think Steven Tyler has those same sandals…and legs…and feet…

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