1. How many drinks too many did you have?

  2. Big-time freshly botoxed or what. Why do broads always do this hand gesture. It means oral sex. How many of them know that?

  3. “We know it’s you, Rivers! You weren’t invited, so beat it!”

  4. “Well, Brandi, the good news is that’s three less BJ’s than you gave on the way INTO the party.”

  5. Yep, A-list and VIPs everywhere.

  6. That could very well be Vivica Fox. That face is the no options floor model that you eventually trade-up from.

  7. That she-male Lean is starting to look better than this botox transvestite… Why do they do that to themselves?

  8. “They’re brand new on the market…invisible cigarettes.”

  9. PassingTrue

    Not with somebody else’s tongue.

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