1. Aw come on Fish, not the Chaz Bono agai- oh.

  2. Did he just go ahead and EAT Leo?

  3. Aaaaand….. he’s funny again!!!

  4. icu

    Well that worked out well for you. Good job!

  5. There he is! Quick, get the tuba!

  6. Hmmmmm…this is the first time I’ve ever actually been aroused by a picture of Kim Khardasian.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    Oh, man, I can’t believe he gained all that weight back – No one, ever.

  8. “Come on you guys, hurry up or we’ll be late for Leo’s squirt gun party!”

  9. Jonah and the whale.

  10. Marketing Mike

    Not only did he gain ALL the weight back,
    but he did it after a complete gastric bypass.
    They stapled/cut 1/2 of his stomach shut.
    That means he had to eat twice as much,
    to gain the same weight he had before.

    • Holy shit, I feel like puking up the smoothie I just had after reading that. When he goes, he just goes all the way, doesn’t he?

    • I don’t think so, Marketing Mike. Without much effort the stomach stretches making room for larger quantities of food. Not to mention the band may have broken, slipped, or he may have had it removed for one idiotic reason or another.

      • This. One of my friends who had a bypass gained it all back after 2 years. Bypass is not a magic quick fix (I’ve had it, trust me). It’s a major surgery, and you have to still watch what you eat. The bonus is that you don’t absorb all the calories you eat (due to the missing portion of the upper intestine) and you get full on very little food – at first. If you eat too much too fast you will get crazy pain and will get sick – at first. You can’t tolerate a lot initially. You start on pure liquids and slowly introduce solids back in. After you can do soft solids you add other foods. Meat is last. You have to watch breads because it will ball up and fucking KILL when it hits your stomach.

        So you lose a lot of weight quickly just before (you are normally on liver-shrinking shakes 2-4 weeks prior to surgery) and after the surgery, but eventually you can start eating normal foods, and if you consistently eat to the point of being uncomfortably full, you will stretch the stomach back out. Likewise, if the food you do eat is crazy high calories (like frappucinos and shit), and you don’t exercise, you will gain it back.

        The dietician, nurses and surgeon all really emphasised with me that it’s a lifestyle change. You HAVE to modify your eating and exercise habits in conjunction with the surgery in order for it to work in the long run.

      • All of that being said, everything I’ve read says that he went to a nutritionist and changed his diet. I don’t see anything confirming it was bariatric surgery or a lap band. ?

    • Nut bra

      Meh. I knew a chick who ate her way through a gastric band. That’s a determined lack of self-control right there. Gross.

  11. He gained the weight to play Fat Albert in a movie nobody is making.

  12. Someone has been loving the new Ben and Jerry’s flavor “Leo Di Caramello”

  13. His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert Paulson…

  14. oops

    Jonah Hull

  15. I got the moobs like Jabba, I got the moobs like Jabba!

  16. Helena Handbasket

    I can’t take my eyes off those ginormous nipple shadows.


    It’s always hardest for the girl when there’s a breakup. Tears falling into the tubs of ice cream. Maybe, just maybe, if you lose the weight again, Leo may take you back.

  18. those ugly shoes are screaming

  19. Jackmac

    Hey! Taylor Momsen has the same shirt!

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