1. Looks like Bernice is having a bad tumbleweed day.

  2. I’d love to get a gander at that freak’s browser history.

  3. fred

    The Brullet.

    Balding, budding octogenarian in the front; pre-op transsexual in the back.

  4. Wheaties! Wheaties and estrogen!

  5. Bruce Jenner as a transgender woman in transition to a 1986 redneck.

  6. The answer is Billie Jean King. Although, I’m not sure even Bruce knows what the question is.

  7. Marketing Mike

    Before that first “cheese grater” nose job in the late 80′s
    he was a handsome, good looking guy. How sad…

  8. Ya know, a lot of guys when they come to that mid-life crisis, they feel like they’ve missed something. They flip out. They don’t know what to do! But not Bruce! He knew what to do. He hopped right on a plane, flew to Sweden and had the operation that is allowing him to experience the side of life that he’d missed.

  9. Now we have a pretty good idea what the result would have been if Melissa Etheridge and Willam Defoe had a kid together.

  10. cc

    Speaking of which, I’ve got a used lasagna tray in the sink that really needs scrubbing.

  11. He’s a freaky looking dude, and an ugly woman…not sure what he’s going for, but he needs to keep going.

  12. Brit

    trying to bring back 1980′s Big Hair for the ladies?

  13. Mane Event

    You think this is bad, you should see my hair in the morning! But at least I wash it before I leave the house.

  14. Mitch

    He looks like he belongs on “I didn’t know I was pregnant” on TLC.

  15. PMK needs to up his allowance so he can buy some fucking conditioner.

  16. So easy a caveman can do it.

  17. Little Tongue

    Getting pubis hair grafted onto one’s head, although less expensive than the usual method, never is a good idea. Cheap bitch.

  18. “C’mon get in the car everybody we’re going to a Winger concert !”

  19. taylor swift's tampon string

    Cha Cha Cha Chia……the human Chia Pet.

  20. brick

    That is one party in the back I will not be attending!

  21. dj hartski

    Leave him alone you guys!!! I mean he probably……damn I can’t think of one single thing to defend him.

  22. PassingTrue

    Bruce Jenner is this week’s guest star on Dukes of Hazzard.

  23. This shit is getting out of control.

  24. BryceT

    What the F is going on in his head?? Not on….IN.

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