1. That’s the face of a man who wakes up every day next to not Madonna. The bare feet, gut, beard, and models parading just outside his door are just icing on the Not-Madonna cake.

  2. Zero Fuckland has a new king.

  3. I really hope he’s heckling her

  4. cricket

    Look, I will always love this dude for saying that life with Madonna was like cuddling up to a piece of jerky. The man has truth on his side.

  5. “… like a virgin, touched for the very first t-i-i-i-i-i-me….”

  6. “Sitting on the park bench –
    eyeing little girls with bad intent.
    Snot is running down his nose –
    greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.”

  7. cc

    ‘Guy Ritchie about to go inside and masturbate’

  8. “Tell Michael Bay thanks for the gift. In kind response, please send him a lock of RJD’s chest hair and a pair of my ex-wife’s crotchless chainmail panties. They’ll be the rusty unwashed ones in the ziploc baggy.”

  9. Donkeylicks

    How can we be sure that that isn’t really just some homeless guy gawking at some poor girl on her way to H&M? HUH, HOW CAN WE BE SURE!?!

  10. The Least Interesting Man In The World

  11. Hairasee

    No shoes and it looks like he doesn’t wash, either. Smelly…smelly…smelly, I don’t think she’s impressed.

  12. I hope this was closed to the public, because public masturbation is an offense. I mean what else is he doing with his right hand?

  13. Daniel Bryan watching a model posing for a photo shoot outside of his house in London. Fixed that for you.

  14. This may have very little, or perhaps no relevance to this picture, but that “model” sure has pretty legs.

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