1. Marketing Mike

    Quick, somebody tie Don down…

  2. This video is 1:30 of Gastineau displaying her ass and waving it around like a freaking monkey in heat.

    Gotta respect her earnestness.

  3. Ahhhh I forgot the page address:

    I hate the fact you can’t edit your own errors.

  4. anonymous

    The female version of “pants on the ground” is much better than the male.

  5. Scientist have successfully spliced the DNA of Lindsay Lohan with a manatee; Ladies and Gentlemen, the Merwhore!

  6. goodwolfe21

    …” that’s right, I said $50 bucks for one hour”….

    • I’d do her for $50 per hour. Hell, I’m such a slut, I do her for $20 per hour. But that’s the lowest I’ll go. And she has to pay me in cash up front.I’m SO confused!

  7. Short Round

    I would. But only because I have no idea who she is, from this angle looks good and I’m a man of undistiguished taste.

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