1. Michael

    Unfortunately, I’d fuck her. She’s not as disgusting looking as Kim Kardashian.

  2. Even with the Photoshop, she’s got Earl Campbell thighs.

  3. Marketing Mike

    I’m just quietly waiting on the sidelines, for Don’s comments….
    Personally I’d take that ride, hell yes…

  4. Sneak Peek from the Nicki Minaj Calendar of Appetite Killing.

  5. Phoenix

    Lipstick on a pig

  6. Monuments should be built to this ass. It’s perfect. Her body is just perfect. If I was to get my hands on her right now, I’d take a week vacation from work and spend it in dat ass. She’d have to call the police to get me off dat ass.

  7. Marketing Mike

    You have to give her this…
    She’s in shape, she’s pretty, and has an interesting personality.
    That’s a damn nice ride too, plus she can hold a conversation.
    With a Kardasian, you get the firmness and IQ of a waterbed…

  8. Stay classy girl

  9. This gal is hot! I’d give her a 5 on the Budweiser Scale. (For those of you not in the know that means it would take five of those big fucking Clydesdales to pull her off of my face.)

  10. I must say, she certainly has turned my opinion of her in recent pictures anyway. I definitely would and that is exactly the position I would like take her in.

  11. Heres the intro to the new video, yes I would definitely like to partake in that ride.

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