1. “Dude, look at the mass grave of models I have… I mean seriously, just take your pick. None of them will mind that spiderman stuff…”

  2. No way! When I don’t shower for a week Tobey Maguire falls out of my armpits too!

  3. Richard McBeef

    Even Leo thinks this guy is a huge douche.

  4. j/k

    “I told you Australia has the bomb nugs.”

    “I can’t feel my hair…”

  5. Brokeback Gatsby.

  6. “OK, me in Pleasantville and you in Titanic…picture it….picture it….”

  7. The Great Fatsby.

  8. holymoly

    dude, smelling my pit is part of your job description . do you want to go back to hojos?

  9. Freddo

    Unless they’re contemplating a 30 foot jump into a river, this is a gay photo.

  10. The Pussy Posse rides again.

  11. Soupofdefish

    Who are these people?

  12. Arzach


  13. “Well, what do you think? Should we try it again except with you being the girl and me being the boy?”

  14. Toby….I’m having a birthday party, but you’re not invited, but you can come if you want.

  15. KC

    Smell this and tell me it doesn’t remind you of Johnny Depp.

  16. dontkillthemessenger

    Why are these guys standing in the bushes? The only possible answers are they’re getting blowjobs from other guys or they’re looking at a children’s playground. I honestly believe either is possible.

  17. erstfykdhjnv

    “heh heh it DOES smell like team spirit!”

  18. Uncle Phil

    “Are we really gonna let Casey Affleck hang out with us if he climbs up here?”
    “Fuck no! I just wanted to see if he would do it.”

  19. Coco

    Does anyone else look at this and see Hitler and Benicio del Toro?

  20. Steelerchick

    Just leaving an all night poker game.

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