1. ben dover

    my daddy is a peter puffer

  2. Man, between her and Sandra Bullock’s adopted kid I have never been so afraid of toddlers in my life…

  3. SIN

    I am the Suri, you will do as I command.

  4. tlmck

    Nope. Nothing spoiled about that child.

  5. Double D

    She has Xenu’s eyes and daddy’s bat-shit crazy.

  6. K-Tron

    “Will you give me that puppy, or should I wish you into the corn field?”

    • Pierce Bronzetan

      Best Twilight Zone ever. Amazed that so many people liked this comment. Not that it’s not funny, that others actually remember/get it ;-)

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    When are Google going to stop pretending the cars are theirs?

  8. Frank Burns

    Suri is not impressed.

  9. Contusion

    “My daddy is a short weirdo.”

  10. EricLr

    I bet her babysitter just hung herself.

  11. DeucePickle


  12. “Same thing we do every day, Daddy – Try to take over the world!”

    - Suri Cruise to her dad, Tom (Church of Scientology codename : Pinky)

  13. Schmidtler

    Only Suri Cruise can make a cartoon ducky print dress look BADASS!

  14. Oh, Daddy…Why are you thinking “A brick wall… a brick wall… I must think of a brick wall… a brick wall… I must think of a brick wall… a brick wall… brick wall… I must think of a brick wall… It’s almost half past eight… brick wall… only a few seconds more… brick wall… brick wall… brick wall… nearly over… a brick wall…

  15. Hank


  16. it had to be said

    Jesus, the Damian jokes just write themselves with this one.

  17. Once her firestarter powers kick in, I’m staying at least two states away from that thing

  18. Inner Retard

    Seldom do kids creep the hell out of me but that kid is scary.

  19. Sheppy

    Firing off a round of mind bullets.

  20. She looks exactly like a young version of her mother. She needs to stay away from her father’s batshit crazy.

  21. Dish

    Sorry daddy, not even mommy could pull of those heels

  22. Kurt Barlow

    Sanguis Bibimus
    Corpus Edimus
    Prode Corpus Suri
    Ave, Ave! Versus Christus!
    Ave Suri

  23. Brit

    All your base are belong to us

  24. bethy

    She’s a firestarter, twisted firestarter.

  25. Bionic_Crouton

    That is the cutest “Bitch Please!” face I have ever seen.

  26. Brit

    Woodchips, they should have given me something harder.

  27. j/k

    It’s like a Cabbage Patch McKayla Maroney.

  28. Vladmir

    Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna” in Carmina Burana…

  29. Dj

    Suri is not impressed

  30. Great White Pygmy

    Your mother’s in here, Karras. Would you like to leave a message? I’ll see that she gets it.

  31. Kojak

    She have her mother’s nose.
    That’s probably Tom’s subterfuge to scape of be convicted for human cloning…

  32. Mike Walker

    Not sure if surious.


  33. Blech

    That’s kinda the expression Katie would make on Dawson’s Creek.

    Not that I watched it.

    This girl… is so stinkin’ cute :).

  34. “Dimi, why did you leave me…???”

  35. Quijibo

    That is one creepy-looking kid.

  36. poppymoss

    $10,000 dress, but no one ever brushes that kid’s hair…

  37. Xenu commands you to bring me another juice box.

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