1. Frank Burns

    Sailor Moon sure got slutty in her later years.

  2. Neo

    Must not have dirty thoughts….must not have dirty thoughts. 12 more days until my baseball glove can come off.

  3. Inner Retard

    Yeah, she’s got milk!

  4. seriouslynow

    Face for radio, tits for Hollywood.

  5. “And remember, never let those ruby slippers off your feet for a moment, or you will be at the mercy of the Wicked Witch of the West”

    Scarecrow: “If we make it to Emerald City can I see your tits?”

  6. Nice B O_o B S!

  7. Ah, Coronation Street

  8. Blech

    “Would you like me to read you a book?”

  9. Swearin

    Donald Duck wants his shirt back. He still refuses to wear pants, but in this one instance he has a good reason

  10. I just love those sassy young English women with their big, ripe, succulent scarves…

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