1. K-Tron

    Thank you for the palate cleanser after the cottage cheese plate.

  2. alex

    lol–i just assumed it was pippa.

  3. Jack Ketch

    She just had a baby recently, non ? Nice !

  4. Thank you. I skipped the monstrosity of the previous pic, but I still appreciate this.

  5. Bigalkie

    That was a quick recovery after a gross shot of the ugliest pig in the worlds heffer ass..

  6. Chinny

    Hmmm, I was told there’d be a butt in this pic. I guess the jokes on me.

  7. ss109

    Kim Kardashian should take note that’s what an ass should look like

  8. Brawndo


  9. Joaquin ingles

    Haha it’s not even that great, but compared to the previous one it looks otherworldly.

  10. barack barry

    Women take note.
    Pregnancy is not a reason to eat everything under the sun.
    Many women are able to “spring back” into shape post pregnancy.
    This goes to those sympathetic *read pathetic* men who gain massive amounts of weight when their wives are pregnant.
    There is no excuse for eating yourself into heart disease or obesity.
    No more soft language! If you’re FAT then you’re fat!

    Ally looks stunning!

  11. Nik

    No no no. This is a flabby flat ass! Post an actual good one!

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