1. tlmck

    Unfortunately got more of dad’s looks than mom’s.

  2. JC

    Your move, Willis daughters.

  3. Cock Dr

    Powder emergency!

  4. Schmidtler

    and this is why you never mix methamphetamines with cat tranq’s.

  5. Gary Grant

    She’s got big boobs. That’s enough for me to have her tickle my ivory.

  6. She pretty. It’s just that people keep comparing her to her mother and that’s not fair. Her mom’s fucking Christie Brinkley.

    • Dereck Bryce Nation

      Don. Seriously? If you put fake tits on a boar it doesn’t make it a “pretty girl”. She has the face of wombat.

  7. Deacon Jones


  8. it had to be said

    I bet something on her smells like a beer, and it isn’t the microphone.

  9. I bet she’s a blast in the sack. Who needs astroglide, just rub your crank on her forehead!

  10. Nose job, whiten her teeth (or maybe caps?), a better hairdo (bangs maybe?)…THEN we’d be cookin’ with gas!

  11. Allison Wunderlan

    Christie Brinkley: “No, Honey. No hair dresser when you’re standing on the red carpet next to Mommy. It’s OK, Sweetie, you can do your own make up without a mirror. Now, let me help you put a little more shine on that nose. There we go. Now, let’s go out there and show ‘em I’m not ashamed to pose my old bod next to my young daughter’s.”

    • Blech

      Brilliant. First place for me, this comment.

      I think she’s pretty. Kind of a high forehead and shiny face… but nice smile and figure and confidence. A natural person which is a refreshing change.

      I guess if you’re used to the Tic-Tac teeth, though, you don’t see what I see.

  12. Inner Retard

    Just put a bag over her head and then around the rest of her body. Then seal it in a level 5 biohazard container.

  13. [img]×471.jpg[/img]

    So she’s a little hippy, I’d still rail her.

  14. [img][/img]

  15. whatthe

    No wonder she tried killing herself. All of mommy’s and daddy’s money couldn’t make her beautiful.

  16. Nik

    she looks like haley from american dad if she was real

  17. The face says: “Kill it with fire.”

    The face also says: “Already tried that, just focus on the tits.”

  18. Swearin

    Mom = “She’s Always a Woman”
    Daughter = “Don’t Ask Me Why”

  19. George Michael


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