1. I’d be looking downward as well if I was being used as a cock cover…

    • BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

      Foxhunting’s just made for television. All that countryside – like golf but lots more action – camera on the back of the fox’s head and you’re laughing

  2. K-Tron

    How might one go about adopting someone to be their father?

  3. Cock Dr

    Some of his accessories might have mange but you can’t let a little thing like that stand in the way of a Grande Fashion Statement.

  4. userofalltrades

    There can be only one… black man.

  5. Codot

    Cannot wait to see him as Dain in the Hobbit movie. No joke today, there’s nothing I could say that Connolly wouldn’t be able to say better.

  6. EricLr

    Yeah, we know you’ve been gone to America for a long time. But don’t you think you’re overdoing the whole “See, I’m still Scottish!” thing?

  7. Allison Wunderlan

    “Hey, Billy, you left the barn door open. No telling what’s liable to …… WHOAAAA!”

  8. it had to be said

    Is that a fox’s head, or are you glad to see me?

  9. It’s like Terry Gilliam and Col. Sanders were in a teleporter accident.

  10. Bigalkie

    Hey McCloud get offa my ewe.

  11. Scottish men wear kilts because sheep can hear zippers from 100 yards away.

  12. The 2nd coolest Scotsman in the solar system

  13. Billy Connolly is Scottish? Well I’ll be…!

  14. KC

    That reminds me, I need to upgrade Firefox.

  15. Buddy The Elf

    NO WAY!!
    We have the same dead-animal-penis-cover!

  16. If it’s not Scottish IT”S CRAP.

  17. Swearin

    “Aye, now I just need to find a spirited bitch to chase my fox into the hole.”

  18. Billy is TEH awesome, he can wear a bison on his dick as far as I’m concerned. He’s long ago earned the right.

  19. Nice beaver….shit……its a fox.

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