1. ben dover

    let the wookie win

  2. SIN

    Forrest #2. What the woods smell like after the Wookie takes a shit.

  3. tlmck

    “Please come down from there Ms. Kardashian. You can’t just set up and sell your stuff in our hotel.”

  4. Lala

    wow, for a minute there, I thought she had prosthetic legs! Those pants are hideous!

  5. Contusion

    She would have to be promoting perfume. It’s certainly not clothing or weight loss companies or anything relating to LOOKING good.

  6. Cock Dr

    If her intention was to wear an outfit that draws the eye to her bulging thigh tops and straining crotch seams…congratulations! Mission accomplished!

  7. Colin

    Eau de Sasquatch.

  8. Inner Retard

    It can neutralize even my armpits. Look! I mean smell.

  9. Holy shit! I thought I was looking at Sofia Vergara before I read the name. What’s happening to me? Am I dying?

  10. it had to be said

    Nice pants, dumbass.

  11. Now you too can smell like a fat chick squeezed into pants two sizes too small.

  12. Allison Wunderlan

    “… and the stink totally takes everybody’s mind off the crap you’re wearing.’

  13. mean_gurl

    What am i gonna wear to launch my stank?… fuck it i’ll wear it all.

  14. Ruby

    Marie Osmond is really lettin’ it slip now that Nutrisystem isn’t paying her anymore huh??

  15. Dish

    You see, its a combination of my armpit sweat and urine! (the secret ingredient though is desperation)

  16. RisingDragonFist

    Scent of a Wookie

  17. Vladmir

    “Valley Of The Mooseknuckle”. Catchy. Honest.

  18. Mickey01232000

    The perfume is aptly name Chewbacca.

  19. barack barry

    HAHAHA! “let the wookie win”
    very appropriate!

  20. Prof.Widow

    Eau de Portefeuille de Wookie

  21. cookie

    Love Khloe but her pants are awful :/

  22. Buddy The Elf

    Because when I want something nice for my lady, to make her feel special and smell nice, I usually am thinking “I wish I had something that smelled like Khloe.”

    BAM. Thanks Chewy!

  23. The pants give her muffin thigh.

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