1. Paddy McC

    Can we get this photo blown up and shown at the republic convention this week? If enough heads explode, this could be the best thing to happen to our country since Franklin went to France.

  2. SIN

    If there is any truth to Franklins history, he has had that done to him on numerous occasions

  3. tlmck

    Nope. Old Ben’s not interested either.

  4. DeucePickle

    “Suck my dick, Abe Lincoln.”

  5. Gary Grant

    This will make Ben forget about his kite and key.

  6. Hank

    He can tip her an original Benjamin for that lap dance.

  7. My first reaction was a bit of patriotic horror of the disrespect being shown one of our nations founding fathers…then I remembered, oh everything I ever read about old Ben.

    Were he still alive, he’d have loved it, slapped her on the ass, told her to call him “Poor Richard”, and asked for “one for the nation”.

    He was the man.

  8. Is that his pocketbook or hers?

  9. anonymouse

    What’s up with the shiny fingertips

  10. Billebuoy

    I think Paula used to be a Paul. Look at that face….

  11. saavik001

    Legs divided, cannot stand…

  12. saavik001

    but your metal were your mouth is.

  13. That is soooo naughty. I fucking LOVE it!

  14. “Well, it’s not electricity, but you’ve certainly discovered something, young lady.”

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