1. Spartacus


  2. saavik001

    50 pounds of ass in a 40 pound bag…

  3. MarsBlackman04

    This is an horrible behind. She is a trick porn…..I mean a one trick pony and she is still famous!? I guess its all our faults for clicking on ANY article concerning that whored out family.

  4. Scott Disick's love child

    WHY WHY WHY ????

  5. geee

    Faaarrrkkkkk….. Lay off the doughnuts, bitch.

  6. primitivefix06

    I must say, creative new ad campaign for fix-a-flat.

  7. Yeesh, are those mom pants she’s wearing?

  8. So that’s how they stretch and cure leather. It’s always fun wathing how it’s made.

  9. MoNikita

    DANGER !!! BOB OMB !!! DANGER !!!

  10. navvvet

    Remake of the Blob?

  11. NASA wanted to honor Neil Armstrong’s final wish, but the there just wasn’t enough money in the budget. But I think the Commander would be happy with our back-up plan for his ashes.

  12. Somewhere in Hollywood, a publicist just facepalmed herself.

    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ( flickr if you’re old school )…publicists must think these are tools of the devil. Do you think they have publicist conventions where they all get together and bemoan their clients’ twit-pics?

    I know there’s got to be publicists reading this right now, trolling the gossip blogs to check their clients’ exposure. Come on! Join the conversation! Let us all know what it’s like to front for these mental giants and their pithy 140 characters!

  13. shemp

    I love a big ass, but that’s fucking unreal. And that’s what it look like with pants securing it in place and giving it some semblance of assiness. Can you imagine how much bigger, saggier, lumpier, bumpier zittier more hirsute and shittier that fucking Armenian posterior looks without ‘em?

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