1. She looks happy for someone who’s going to die soon.

  2. I guess all that ass-pounding knocked an eyeball loose.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    I know your career path is similar to Paris Hilton’s, but do you have to have the same wonkie eyes?

  4. That’s the only ATM machine I’ve ever seen that’s deposit only.

  5. Nope. The fake boobs need to be even bigger! I can still see her face.

  6. Margaret

    Who took a picture of her? Stop doing that.

  7. EricLR

    No, sweetie, you were supposed to go to in “In Tush” icons event.

  8. I forget, is she the one who got buttfucked for a boobjob, or the one who got AIDS from a Weiner text?

  9. Seabiscuit phoned – he’d like his teeth back.

  10. caley

    ‘In Touch’ is really, REALLY lowering the bar on Icons and/or Idols.

  11. ultra

    not famous. stop it.

  12. Jade

    How odd it must be for ‘In Touch’ to be able to print freakish stories about her without having to make any of it up.

  13. heey

    this is why 16 and pregnant was a bad idea,
    you put ideas of stardom in little girls heads, and turned them into deliberatly pregnant 16 year old who never stopped looking for more fame, and turned into crack addicted ho’s all for attention, where are all their kids? MTV should be made to pay for destroying lives by putting cameras on those girls in the first place, whatever happened to the shame you’d feel if you were stupid enough to get preganant at 16?

  14. He sure has big tits. Ugly teeth, too.

  15. She got the part of Wonkeye Stretchbung in the new Star Wars.

  16. She looks like Joe Camel’s mentally challenged daughter.

  17. Is that an actual person? Because I feel one slight tap on her shoulder would tip her over.

  18. I liked her better with a.beeeeep in her beeeeeep……

  19. Well, you know, Sarah Jessica Parker is prettier.

  20. Icehawg

    So, fish….we just keep posting what anal porn stars are up to now? Because there are a lot of them to keep track of you know.

  21. How does she an ‘icon’ OR an ‘idol?’

    More like seat-filler.

  22. beetlerace

    Shangela/Al Pacino mashup.

  23. It’s like a Dali painting of Jamie Farr.

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