1. Maryanne and Ginger look pretty good still. The Skipper…not so much.

  2. Someone’s about to get a Cease and Desist from Beyoncé’s copyright attorney.

  3. Dee Snider should really invest in some sunscreen.

    • Every time someone tried to put some on him, he kept yelling “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!” so they just left him alone to burn in the sun.

  4. Dildo Baggins

    So this cunt is a singer now ? FUCKIN HATE THIS WHOLE FAMILY !!!!! I

  5. kevin kenish from connecticut

    How long has Dee Snider been black ?

  6. “I call this one “The Miley Cyrus,” MotherF@#%’ers!”

  7. I don’t know what she’s performing, but she needs to cut her nails before THAT move.

  8. Somewhere, Tracy Chapman just sprung a lady-boner

  9. Man, her chest looks like a Klingon forehead.

  10. Just Me

    Performing doing what?

  11. heey

    Jada: -I’ve been trying to tell everyone I’m a lesbian. Will they believe me now?

  12. Joe

    Magnificent, Amazing; reaching Operating Thetan level VIII has never been captured on film.

  13. Jenn

    “And when Will tells me no, I just reach forward, grabbed his dick like this, twist and change the answer to yes. Like magic. Thank you,you’ve been fabulous! Will has agreed to sign autographs, so everyone be sure to stop on the way out!”

  14. just put down the microphone, stop needing so much damn attention, and enjoy your life.

  15. So, if Iggy Pop fell asleep in a tanning bed…

  16. Ina Bigbush

    By performing I’m assuming they refering to a self-exorcism.

  17. What the fuck is this? It seems the “asshole” gene in the family comes from her.

  18. She has had a “death metal” band for a long time. It’s just that no one has really heard of it because it’s totally fucking ridiculous. It’s cool that she is into atypical things, but I grew up with a bunch of guys that were hard, hard into that subculture and she obviously has no fucking idea how seriously those people take that shit. And I do mean shit. It’s the worst music on Earth. But a 4’3″, well known black actress, who is married to Will Smith, is never going to be accepted in that world. Ever.

    I saw a video of Big Willie Style on stage with her one time, and he was jumping around and screaming at these fucking metalheads like they were supposed to start getting jiggy with it or some shit. Needless to say they did not oblige. The Smith family thetans are clearly blocking their perceptors (scientology word?) in this regard.

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