1. dontkillthemessenger

    It’s just dust Mr. Anthony, not Cocaine.

  2. EricLR

    Oh man, they really shouldn’t have told him that Justin Beiber performed there the night before.

  3. Fat Albert

    Okay JLo, I am ready for you. One day, I hope it will be my turn on top and you on the bottom with your ass in the air like a dog in heat.

  4. Jade

    “This was JLo’s favorite position for me.”

  5. Suddenly Marc has a plan to meet Ricky Martin….

  6. heey

    I’m sorry too your coke delivery got caught in customs. There’s a little more to the left.

  7. He does that five times a day in the hope that his career with blow up.

  8. Jenn

    JLo’s not here? Oh, thank you, thank you! No beatings tonight!

  9. Mr. Anthony, Jennifer Lopez’s divorce lawyer is coming.

  10. the intoxicating smell and scent of male backup dancer sweat

  11. smell and scent? Seriously, I have to stop drinking.

  12. “I fucking love cocaine!”

  13. fred

    He is down there looking for his career. He dropped it somewhere near the mic stand.

  14. Ina Bigbush

    “Damn, where’s Robin Thicke when you want him?”

  15. He’s upset that his palimony stopped and has to work for a living now.

  16. Hugh Jazz

    (Sniff) someone did the splits here (sniff) a week ago (sniff) hispanic girl (sniff) mid 20s (sniff sniff) 3 days to menstruation.

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