1. EricLR

    Behold, as I make my heterosexuality D I S A P P E A R!!

  2. Capt Crunch

    “What time do you guys start serving breakfast?”

  3. The manual to this model is in German! Damn it!
    Now how do I make the legs open?
    Oh crap, her left eye just closed…

  4. Ken

    Waterhouse… Stackhouse. Must hear that a lot

  5. Do you guys remember men? That was a fun time in human history.

  6. Totally thought this was Gavin Rossdale…so… good for him, I guess? I dunno.

  7. “Let me see if I have this rusty trombone thing down right…”


    i just read all the comments with rj mitte cripple voice

  9. mike

    “And there was this huuuuge black microphone right in my face, I could barely get my hands around it, I was all like ‘RJ, what *have* you gotten yourself into…’”

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