1. Doing a set of heroin.

  2. EricLR

    Caught his dick in the turntable again.

  3. Fat Albert

    Didn’t know the Hard Rock had a senior citizen night.

  4. I assume he’s scratching the turntable with his penis.

  5. “Now, lets say your wife decides it’s time to get this party started; suddenly the freak inside her is unleashed, she’s possessed by the spirit of Carmen Miranda”

  6. Willow

    old people are so lame

  7. They must be paying in meth.

  8. Spin those funky beats Mix Master Metamucil!

  9. Brick Tamland’s black sheep brother.

  10. CtF

    “Hoo, boy, that Hep C sure does sting.”

  11. Mango’s methed-out older brother.

  12. Can you soak DJ equipment in bleach without screwing up the electronics, or do they just burn it after Tommy Lee is done with it?

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