1. Of all the things to ask for in the divorce, she chooses Russell’s teeth?

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Nice try, grill, but I still see breasts.

  3. If that’s a “I’m making fun of Madonna” grill, she has totally redeemed herself. Of course, she will need redemption once the Dark Minions of Asagoth arrive to “chastise” her for her insolence.

  4. EricLR

    Oh, I love playing dress-up! Can I come too?

  5. Jade

    Oh Katy :( What have you done here?

  6. She’s like a ticking fat girl bomb that had it’s wire cut right before it exploded. There is like one second left on this chicks gross timer.

  7. “You look like a filthy.diseased, fukin’ mess… I want you back!” – Russell Brand

  8. You know she’s that girl that thinks she’s irreverent and fun-loving when she is really just immature and obnoxious. Hot girls like that are the worst because they think they deserve extra credit for not acting like a stuck up bitch. Jenny McCarthy is the paradigm of the species.

    • Atleast Jenny was SMOKIN hot and got them bad boys out once in a while, everything else applies.

      • True. But I think the humor of these women suffers because people will laugh no matter what they say. They will always get the reaction they want, because tits. If you never have to work harder to get what you want then you never will.

  9. Why are all these rich adults getting braces?

  10. mavis davis

    I see Kardashian hips in her future. 5 years tops, like Rob.

  11. OH Katy! Nice try at looking bad ass, Smurfette.

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